The first data point

I am a scientist by trade. I’ve found over the years that the best scientists are sticklers for organized documentation. I like what Adam Savage of the Mythbusters said about recording data. “The only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down.” My great experiment to test the hypothesis that running can fix […]

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Can Running Fix What’s Broken

Can running fix what’s broken? It’s a simple testable thesis really. I’ve directly observed the answer in others many times. There are countless books and social media posts that detail stories of people who were fixed or saved simply by running. It’s an odd counter intuitive idea. How can moving my body and breathing hard […]

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Run to Death

One night I laced up my shoes and ran out the door. I planned on running the run to end all runs. To be honest I planned to run to death. I had started an antidepressant for the first time in my life a few weeks earlier. What I didn’t know was that I was […]

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Success Anxiety

I’ve recently been promoted in my job. This should be seen as a major victory. Considering my mental health completely obliterated my last career this should be interpreted as a big achievement. I’ve recovered, pivoted, and completely redefined myself in my career in under a year. I scratched my way to the top position in […]

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Mental Health and Caffeine

Triggers are a recent concept for me. I have learned that there are subjects, substances, and circumstances that are major triggers for my anxiety and BPD. These triggers can be extremely inflammatory. I try to manage them today but that wasn’t always the case. I actually used to unknowingly utilize my triggers to accomplish tasks […]

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In Search of Flow

I’m always concerned when I don’t have anything to say. It means my mind is dulling on the rocks of life. My sharp-edged thoughts are often products of manic energy and floods of key chemicals. I live for those times when my thoughts flow, bifurcate, and anastomose like a clear glacier-fed stream. Currently my thoughts […]

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Sugars’ Siren Call

Mind and body are closely intertwined. The body often follows the mind, and body can lead the mind down completely new avenues. My mental health issues have had a negative impact on my body. The changes were subtle at first. Clothes felt tighter. Brisk movements caused quicker respiration and elevated heart rates. The main culprit […]

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